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Digital media

Teachers In Charge:

1. Ahmad Shalehin Bin Ahmad

2. Mdm Fauziah
3. Mdm Aileen
4. Mr Paul Chan

CCA Leaders:
Chairman: Tricia (5F) and Jeryl (5B)

Vice Chairman: Braedon (4E) and Dylan (4E) 


The main aim of Digital Media is to excite students by exposing them to various ICT tools and experience. Digital Media members participate in weekly workshops to learn various software and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) skills. These include animation, photography and video editing skills. In addition, they learn proper handling of audio visual equipment as well as research skills. Members have also recently embarked on basic coding where they have learnt to create interesting computer games and mobile apps, and also robotics.

Pupils who show potential will represent the school to participate in competitions at national level, such as the annual Schools Digital Media Awards (SDMA), National Schools Photography Competition and many more.

Achievements for the past 3 years:

2019 – Participated in the World Education Robotic Competition 2019.


2018 – 2 Silver award for 4th National Coding Competition 2018