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Art and Craft

Teachers in-charge: 

1. Mdm Norisah Binte Mohd Ismail
2. Mdm Goh Swee Eem 
3. Mdm Siti Zubaidah

CCA Leaders:

President - Sia Xinyi (P5 Faith)
Vice-president - Venus Gan (P5 Benevolence) 

Description :

CZPS Art and Craft is an excellent platform and catalyst for students with a shared interest in art to gather together to create creative and expressive artwork. Through the weekly sessions, under the expert knowledge of an Art Vendor together with the guidance of the Art teachers, students explore different media such as paint, wire, batik dyes, printing ink and mixed media.  They also have hands–on experience with various art forms like metal tooling, silk screen printing, batik, acrylic painting and even quilling. These artworks provide opportunities for students to sharpen and display their creativity, artistic flair & self-expressions.

These creative expressions are submitted for SYF exhibitions in alternate years. In both 2017 and 2019, our Category C submissions were selected for onsite Exhibition for the SYF Opening. 

The annual art learning journeys not only assist in raising students’ awareness about art around Singapore but also increases their knowledge about Singapore’s history and local artists.

Community Enrichment Programme (CEP) and Community Involvement Programme (CIP) are yet another form of experience students’ receive in Art and Craft

Achievements for the past 3 years: 

We are pleased to share the following good news;

1. Our P5s and P6s, - Category C Mixed Media  Artwork, were selected for SYF Arts Presentation 2017 and 2019. Our Cat A and Cat B are also in the online and print SYF Journals 2017 and 2019.

2. Art Community

SYF Arts Presentation

2017 and 2019

All 3 Categories - Cat A ,B C are in the online and print SYF Journals 2017 and 2019. 

Category ‘C’ was selected for onsite exhibition both in 2017 and 2019.


2017 – Totem

2018 – Payong Batik 1000 display

2019 –Chingay 2020 – Building the Bridge of Harmony

All collaboration between Passion Arts and CZPS were exhibited onsite.


2018 – Arts Fiesta @ Poly View

Cip Project of HDB Friendly Faces Lively Places (FFLP)

Art Club members facilitated and assisted an acrylic painting activity


2017 – Downtown Line 3 DTL3 Postcard Design Competition

2 pupils won and had their designs printed on postcards.


2018 - Staedler World Colouring Kid Day

5 Consolation certificate

art 1.JPG

art 2.JPG