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Modern Dance


1. Ms Joey Lim
2. Ms Kwan Shiow Yan
3. Mrs Brenda Lim

CCA Leaders:  Celeste Lim (5E), Clarice Chan (4C), Bria Maya (4E)

Description: Modern Dance is a fun and exciting CCA where students are exposed to different types of music and dance techniques. The philosophy of the CCA is to nurture and experience the joy of dance, be it during training, performance or competition. The dancers are committed and display undivided dedication in their dance journey in order to perform from the heart. Most importantly, everyone who joins the Dance family will eventually graduate with many cherished memories.

Achievements for the past 3 years :

1.    2019 – Guest Performers for National Day Observance Ceremony 

2.    2018 – Distinction 2018 SFY



For SYF 2020, our dancers wanted to make the school proud by achieving yet another Certificate of Distinction. They were highly motivated and most of them did not miss a single training session! The title of the dance is “Voyage to a new world”. During the performance, our dancers will bring you to discover your inner potential as you voyage into a new world through lively songs and street dance.

        Unfortunately, due to the current situation, SYF 2020 is cancelled. But our dancers are so ready to perform! They can not wait to put on their costumes and rock the stage!