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Mathematics Department Direction

To equip and provide pupils with the
- Ability and skills to solve problems creatively
- Exposure to various types of mathematical problems, from the open-ended investigations to the non-routine higher-order thinking
- Positive and meaningful experiences that will stimulate pupils’ interest and spur them to pursue Mathematics beyond the classroom walls

Mathematics Department Structure

Miss Phyllis Toh
Head of Department
  • Mdm Sharifah Zaleha
  • Mrs Ang Li Hoon
  • Mdm Farah Syed Haider
  • Mdm Leong Lai Lan
  • Mrs Catherine Gomes
  • Mr Gavin Ong
  • Mrs Catherine Tay
  • Mdm Nur Saqinah Adnan
  • Miss Sharon Cheng
  • Miss Sally Ng Soke Leng
  • Mrs Tan Wai Ling
  • Mrs Quek Kim Tee
  • Mdm Maznah Yusak
  • Mrs Matura Felix
  • Mr Lai Bi Chong
  • Mrs Thulasi Daas
Mathematics Department Programmes
We adopt an interdisciplinary and differentiated approach to teaching and learning of Mathematics to equip them with the relevant and necessary:
- Mathematical Concepts
- Mathematical Skills
- Mathematical Processes
- Positive Attitudes
- Metacognition


Some of the key programmes that we have been conducting include:

  1. Activity-Based Lessons with manipulatives incorporated
  2. Experiential and collaborative learning in Math using iPads in school trails
  3. Problem-solving Heuristics through eSTEMs packages
  4. Higher-order thinking skills through Math Olympiad Training Programmes and heuristics packages
  5. Support Programmes such as Early Intervention Programmes for Lower Primary Levels


Through these programmes and activities, the Maths Department strives to provide for the holistic development of our pupils. It is also hoped that our pupils will develop an analytical mind so as to be good at solving Mathematics problems and develop good work habits and attitudes, which will stand them in good stead for life. 

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