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Senior Parliamentary Secretary (MOE) Visit

Chongzheng Primary School was pleased and honoured to welcome Assoc Prof Muhammad Faishal bin Ibrahim to our school on 

18 September 2018. Our students shared their Project Work and Values In Action (VIA) programmes including our efforts to instill empathy, gratitude and citizenry as part of the school's holistic development programme.

News Media
Values in Action programme making lasting impact on students: Ministry of Education, The Straits Times, Sept 18, 2018
Values programme has lasting impact on students, The Straits Times, Sept 19, 2018
学生在中学毕业前至少参与两项目 “德育在于行动”实行六年成果良好   早报,2018年9月19日
Program VIA diharap bangunkan individu yang bertanggungjawab,, Sept 18, 2018






18 Jan 2019
Meet-the-Parents Session(P1 to P4) cum SBB Briefing for P4 (6.00 pm)

24 Jan 2019
P6 Motivational cum Study Skills Workshop (8.00 am to 5.00 pm) (Day 1)

25 Jan 2019
P6 Motivational cum Study Skills Workshop & Parents’ Engagement (8.00 am to 7.00 pm) (Day 2)
Meet-the-Parents Session (P5 & P6) cum PSLE Briefing for P6 (6.00 pm)

28 Jan 2019
Annual Health Screening
Issuance of TOS & CA1 Schedule to P6 parents
Start of Supp/Remedial Lessons for P2 to P6

29 Jan 2019
CCA (2)
Annual Health Screening

31 Jan 2019
Annual Health Screening

30 Jan 2019
Annual Health Screening


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