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Principal's Message

Profile Pic 2016.pngIt is the quality of relationship that anchors the culture of the school and in Chongzheng Primary, we firmly believe that “Every Child Matters, Every Staff Matters”. We seek to help every pupil to learn and succeed. This is carried out through a whole-school approach where all our staff is involved and committed to help the child reach his or her potential. 

As educators, our commitment is to help every child develop the relevant skills and values so that they could to lead fulfilling lives as adults. The school focuses on the formation of good values and character as we believe that these qualities must be first in place before excellent performance can be achieved. Our CZPS values - Confidence in Ourselves, Zest for Life, Passion for Learning and Service to Community - represent the core attributes that we seek to imbue in our pupils through their six years of education with us. For instance, through our Innovation and Environment Education programmes, we seek to develop the necessary skills such as creative and critical thinking, problem solving and collaboration, in our pupils so that they could navigate the future confidently. 

Together with the support from our parents and community partners, we will strive to create an engaging and stimulating environment for our pupils to discover and develop their talents and strengths. We hope that through our concerted efforts, we will help every child in Chongzheng to realise the vision of becoming "An innovative thinker, A Gracious Leader and An Engaged Citizen." 

Ms Audrey Wong
Chongzheng Primary School