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School Rules

I Must

  • Come to school neatly and smartly dressed in my school uniform as modification to the uniform is not allowed. Dress with decorum. It reflects your pride for the school
  • Sing the National Anthem with pride and take the Pledge with my right fist over my heart. (Non-citizens are to show respect during the flag raising and flag lowering ceremonies.)
  • Be respectful and courteous to my teachers, friends, school staff and visitors at all times.
  • Be kind, honest and considerate. Be punctual for school and attend classes and school events punctually.
  • Keep my school clean at all times. Behave well and uphold the name of the school.
  • Seek the permission of the Principal or teachers before leaving the school premises.

General Instructions

  • Move about quietly and in an orderly manner as a class. Keep to the left when using the staircase.
  • Do not run and play at the canteen and foyer. Walk and not run along the corridors and staircases.
  • Eat and drink only in the canteen and return utensils into the correct receptacles. Throw all leftovers and rubbish into the dustbins.
  • Report any injury or illness to your teachers immediately and do not administer medication yourself.
  • Cover your absence from school with a medical certificate or a letter of excuse from your parents/guardians.

Dismissal Arrangement

  • Lower Primary Pupils (P1 and P2) who are not taking school buses will be dismissed by their teachers either at the Front or Back Gate. For the safety of the pupils, they will not be allowed to go home unaccompanied by the parents or legal guardian.

Early Dismissal

  • When parents/guardians need to take their child/ward home earlier for any valid reasons, please complete the Early Dismissal Record available at the Security Counter and in the General Office too.
  • To ensure the safety and security of our pupils, only authorized persons will be allowed to fetch the child in the absence of parent/s.

Use of Mobile Phones in School

  • Pupils are allowed to use the mobile phones in the canteen before the start of morning, during recess and after school hours. Pupils will not be allowed to use the phones at other places in school. At all times during unauthorized hours, the phones must be switched off. During authorized hours, the phones must be put to silent mode. During school and national examinations, mobile phones will not be allowed in school as this constitutes part of the rules for national examination.
  • Pupils must be responsible for their own phones and are encouraged to label their phones for easy identification. They are expected to take the necessary precautions to safeguard their phones such as not to leave the phones unattended. The school will not be responsible for loss of phones as pupils must always exhibit personal responsibility to take good care of them.
  • The school will take strict action against pupils who abuse their phones by taking pictures or videos without permission and uploading them in the internet. Disciplinary action will also be taken against pupils who breach the use of phones by using them at unauthorized locations in school or during unauthorized hours.

Use of electronic devices, games and toys

  • Pupils will not be allowed to bring electronic devices, games or toys such as MP3 player, PSP, cards and others in school as these items cause unnecessary distractions to the pupils in the school.
  • Only approved models of the calculator and electronic dictionary for the learning of Chinese Language are allowed for use during lessons and examinations.

 School and National Examinations

  • Pupils must be punctual for examinations. Pupils on medical leave are not allowed to sit for examinations.
  • Pupils who are unable to sit for tests / examinations must produce official letters of excuse such as medical certificate(MC). An MC signifies that the pupils is absent with valid reason and the end of the semester / year marks will be pro-rated.