School Calendar


SYF Certificates of Accomplishment
Chinese Dance

SYF Certificates of Distinctions
Malay Dance
Indian Dance
Modern Dance

National School Games Hockey Championship 2018
Champion - Senior Girls & Junior Girls
3rd Place - Senior Boys
4th Place - Junior Boys

Rugby Bowl Championship
Champion - Junior Boys
5th Place - Senior Boys

14th Wushu National Primary School Championship 2018

3rd Place - 24 Style Taijiquan
3rd Place - 42 Style Taijiquan
Sportsmanship Award

2nd Place - 4 Duan Cudgel
5th Place - 4 Duan Broadsword
12th Place - 3 Duan Changquan
Sportsmanship Award

7th Place -  Nanquan
10th Place -  Nan Dao
10th Place - Nan Gun
Sportsmanship Award

59th National Swimming Competition
2nd - 200m Medley
3rd - 100m Freestyle 

Sportsmanship Award 

8 of our Primary 6 pupils achieved the Chief Commissioner's Badge Award 2018. Brownies Pack 1 has once again been awarded the Puan Noor Aishah Gold Award 2017.

Silver Award for the Frank Cooper Sands Awards 2017. 

Infocomm club
Silver for the 4th National Coding Competition 2018.

National Pencak Silat Championship
Gold award for Pre-teen Female Artistic Double (Ganda)
Silver for Pre-teen Female Artistic Single

Environment Awards

Gold - Community in Bloom Award
Vanda Miss Joaquim Award - Schools Green Awards
Gold - National Youth Upcycling Movement