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Art Club

Teachers in-charge: 
1. Mdm Zubaidah Yusoff 
2. Mdm Norisah Ismail 
3. Mdm Siti Zubaidah Sarip
Teachers-in-charge plan a 30-week programme to introduce 2D & 3D art forms to all pupils. In 2016, the Art Club has an art trainer to facilitate art club activities, with teachers supporting. Members who display strong art skills are given opportunities to participate in external art competitions, guided by art teachers and trainer. Pupils have benefitted greatly as the ratio of teacher to pupils is reduced. 
To expose pupils to a variety of art forms through hands-on activities, learning journeys and competitions
To develop talents in visual art

Participation in “Kindness” Poster Design by Tampines East Town Council (March)
Participation in World Kids’ Colouring Day by Staedtler (March)
Participation in Gardens by the Bay Mid-Autumn Lantern Design (August)
Participation in Octoburst “Hand Story” (September)