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Inno Club

Our Inno Club Community Problem team would like to take this opportunity to invite you to join us in taking part in our community outreach project, " A Topic A Day keeps The Mobile Device Away".

Topic A Day
CZ Inno Club was proud to be able to participate in the Maker Faire, the Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth—a family-friendly showcase of invention, creativity and resourcefulness, and a celebration of the Maker movement on 11 and 12 July 2015. The Faire was an overwhelming success, with over 500 Makers and more than 10,000 visitors.


Our Innokidz enthusiastically sharing with visitors about their 3D-printed vintage toys and innovative creations made from biodegradable plastic polymers.Our Innokidz were very excited that they had the opportunity to share their innovative products, Natural Coole, stress-free bookmarks and organic scrubs with our Minister for Education, Mr Heng Swee Keat.