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Environment Club

Teachers in-charge: 

1. Mdm Li Hong
2. Mdm Kamaliah
3. Mdm Eunice Bor

CCA Leaders :

Chairperson: Vihaan Nagar, 5 Excellence

Vice-chairperson: 1) Loh Yen Ching, 5 Diligence

                          2) Harish, 4 Aspiration


In Environment Club, we aim to raise a generation of young people who display the passion to conserve the environment.

We also aim to equip our students with 21st century competencies such as communication, collaborative and information skills, global awareness and cross-cultural skills as well as critical and inventive skills, so that they can become confident people who are concerned about what our Planet Earth is going through and actively contribute to a better living environment.  

To help us achieve our aims, we engage our students in the following activities:

1) Group projects for events such as World Water Day, Youth for the Environment Day and World Food Day 

environmental club 1.JPG

2) Hands-on sessions such as doing craft work using upcycled materials and gardening
environmental club 2.JPG

3) Community work such as Monthly Recycling Day and outreach to the residents 

environmental club 3.JPG

4)  Learning beyond classroom with Learning Journeys to places such as Marina Barrage and Our Tampines Hub Eco Garden

environmental club 4.JPG

Achievements for the past 3 years :

2019:   Silver Award for National Youth Upcycling Movement

environmental club 8.JPG

Gold Award for National Youth Upcycling Movement

environmental club 7.JPG

2017: Champion @ National level for Nanyang Recycling Competition

environmental club 6.JPG

Achievements for the past 3 years :