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Teachers in-charge: 
1. Mrs Mastura Felix 
2. Miss Samantha Peh 
3. Mdm Sim Bee Kim 
4. Mdm Kwan Shiow Yan
Chongzheng’s Angklung Ensemble is made up of students of all races coming together to express themselves through the melodious music of angklung and kulintang. We play a wide range of music, from traditional folk tunes to original compositions and even pop. Apart from playing the instruments, students are also involved in leadership training in administration, peer teaching and motivation, responsibility and efficiency in handling instruments & equipment. We strongly believe in teamwork as collaboration and cooperation is the cornerstone of a superb and harmonious performance.
As a Performing Arts Group, our goal is to put up an Angklung performance with enjoyment, poise & pride. 

The ensemble have done well in the past Singapore Youth Festivals achieving Gold with Honours (2012) and Certificate of Accomplishment (2014 & 2016).