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Malay Dance

Teachers in-charge: 
1. Mdm Siti Norliana Binte Othman (overall in-charge) 
2. Mdm Razana Bte Abdul Rahman

The primary focus of the CZPS Malay Dance group is to provide an excellent platform for students to develop their skills and talent in Malay dance. The dance group comprises of lively, energetic and enthusiastic members ranging from Primary 3 to Primary 6. Apart from participating in the biannual Singapore Youth Festival Performing Art for primary students, the Malay Dance group also has opportunities to perform in school events and events organized by external organizations.
· To provide skills development training in sustaining high standard of performance in the Aesthetics
· To provide platforms for development and exposure

Student Leaders 
Nurul Nadya Binte Amran 
Nurul Adryanty Binte Abdullah 

Singapore Youth Festival Performing Arts: 
2010 – Silver Award 
2012 – Silver Award 
2014 – Certificate of Distinction 
2016 – Certificate of Accomplishment