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1. Norinna Bte Musari
2. Quek Lew Cheng 
3. Wong Wai Foong
4. Siti Khairunnisa Binte Ariffin 
5. Mohamad Rafey.

CCA Leaders:

P5 Girls:    Captain
Amanda Wan Zheng Mun (Wen Jingwen)
                  Vice-captain Marabelle Lee Zhiyi

P5 Boys:   Captain Muhammad Nashreeq Bin Abdul Rahman
                  Vice-captain Kuppa Venkata Manish Gupta

P6 Girls:    Captain Pravena Deve d/o Chandramohan
                   Vice-Captain – Rangnekar Meera

P6 Boys:    Captain Foo Yongze
                  Vice-captain – Muhammad Asyraf Bin Azmi


The hockey team members learn the basics of hockey skills and play in team games of 3v3 (Pri. 4 pupils) and 5v5 for the junior teams (Pri. 5 pupils) and 6v6 for the senior teams (Pri. 6 pupils). Besides training on Tuesday mornings during CCA periods, pupils attend extra training on Tuesday and Friday afternoons for two and a half hours each time. Hockey members also take part in friendly and competitive matches organised by our own school, other schools, external hockey clubs and inter-school competitions including the National School Games.

Achievements for the past 3 years :

                   Junior Division 1 Girls – Runners up
                   Junior Division 1 Boys Tier 2 – 2nd placing
                   Junior Division 2 Girls – Runner up
                   Junior Division 2 Boys Tier 2 – 1st placing
                   Senior Division Girls – Runners up  

                   Junior Division Girls – Champion
                   Junior Division Boys – 4th placing
                   Senior Division Girls – Champion
                   Senior Division Boys – 3rd placing

                   Junior Division Girls – Champion

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