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Teachers in-charge: 

 1. Madam Razidah Amat

 2. Madam Azidah Aman
 3. Mr Abdul Rauf bin Abdul Rahim
 4. Mrs Sharleen Ong
 5. Mr Gavin Ong      


Rugby is a team sport that delivers significant social and health benefits. It can also be a physically demanding sport and players should be physically and mentally prepared, and understand how to play safely. It is the responsibility of all - players, coaches and parents - to ensure that a positive, safe, enjoyable environment is created where ALL players will be able to reach their fullest potential, and that – whatever form of the game you play - the training and education materials and equipment are there to support everyone in creating that environment.

The players will learn all the skills needed to play the game for example ball handling skills, passing skills, tackling, rucking, kicking and decision making. They will also learn the rules of the games and how to play the game properly. The coach will teach them how to do a scrum, line outs and kick off as well as receiving kicks which are all part of the game.

Training is conducted every week on Tuesday during curriculum time from 7.30 am to 9.00 am for all players from Primary 3 to Primary 6.  Players who show sufficient skills and capability will be chosen to represent the school and there will be extra training for these players on Fridays from 2.15 pm to 3.45 pm for the Primary 5 and 3.45 pm to 5.15 pm for the Primary 6.


To be East Zone Champion for Junior and Senior Divisions · To provide them platforms to develop resilience and teamwork.

Student Leaders:

Captain – Muhammad Zafir bin Muhd Rizal ( 5 Confidence )
Vice-Captain – Sheikh Hussein bin Salahudeen (5 Benevolence)

                      Jun Yong Austin (5 Excellence)

Achievements for the past 3 years:


Under 13 players came in 6th position in the National School Games in Tier 1
Under 11 players came in 1st position in National School Games in Tier 2


Under 11 boys are the Champion in the Bowl Championship finals




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