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1. Miss Sim Yu Xian
2. Mdm Sharifah Zaleha
3. Miss Ng Baolin
4. Mdm Fong Pei Kiun

CCA Leaders:

Winnie Ong Si Ying, 5-Confidence (Wushu Captain)
Tan Chee Wang, 5-Confidence (Wushu Vice-Captain)

Description :

The purpose of our CCA is to engage and train pupils in the sport of Wushu to build their core strength, agility and mastery of the skill.  To achieve this, weekly training is conducted for our members.   For those who show more interest and flair in the sport, further training is provided during school team practices.  These pupils perform for the school on special occasions and represent us in competitions


To build up pupils’ health, confidence and self-discipline through the sport of Wushu. 

Achievements for the past 3 years :


 1) Winnie Ong Si Ying 4-Confidence
 4-Duan Broadsword (3rd position)
 4-Duan Cudgel (9th position)
 3-Duan Changquan (10th position)

 2) Vernice Yong Zhi Yi 4-Confidence
 5- Duan Sword (6th position)
 4-Duan Spear (8th position)
 Sportsmanship Award 2019

 3) Ng Shanwei Zedian  5-Excellence
 5 Duan Changquan (1st position)
 4-Duan Sword (1st position)
 1st International Spear (2nd position)
 Sportsmanship Award 2019
 4) Cliff Lim Jing Han 5-Excellence
 Sportsmanship Award 2019

 5) Lin  Xin Ying 6-Confidence
 5-Duan Sword (5th position)

 6)  Joey Cheah Sawatt 6-Confidence
 5-Duan Broadsword (5th position)
 1st International Cudgel (5th position)
 Sportsmanship Award 2019
 7) Lin Xin Ying 6-Confidence

 Joey Cheah Sawatt 6-Confidence
 Hoy Chern Ying 6-Confidence
 Loh Pui Ting Phoebe 6-Confidence
 Felicia Yong Xin Yi 6-Confidence
 Chan See Yu 6-Confidence
 Group Quanshu (6th position) 




 1) Ang Zi Hao Kieran 4-Excellence
 4-Duan Cudgel (2nd place)
 4-Duan Broadsword (5th place)
 3-Duan Changquan (12th place)
 Sportsmanship Award 2018

 2) Lim Sheen 6-Confidence
 24-Style Taijiquan (3rd place)
 42-Style Taijijian (3rd place)
 Sportsmanship Award 2018

 3) Joshua Jeremiah Tan Zhu En 6-Aspiration
 Nanquan (7th place)
 Nan Dao (10th place)
 Nan Gun (10th place)
 Sportsmanship Award 2018  



1) Yo Yu Ying 5-Confidence
Changquan (8th place)

 2) Joshua Jeremiah Tan Zhu En 5-Aspiration
 Nanquan (Southern Fist) (7th place)
 Nan Dao (Southern Broadsword) (9th place)
 Nan Gun (Southern Cudgel) (8th place)

 3) Alan Tan, 6-Aspiration Sword (5th place)
 5-Duan Nanquan(Southern Fist) (3rd place)

 5-Duan Spear (2nd place)

 4) Joash Tan, 6-Aspiration
 Nanquan (Southern Fist) (9th place),   Broadsword (7th place)

 5) Alan Tan, 6-Diligence
 Nanquan (Southern Fist) (8th place)

 6) Jayden Choo, 6-Excellence
 5-Duan Changquan (6th place) 

 7) Sng Zi Yan, 6-Aspiration 4-Duan Sword (8th place)