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Teachers in-charge: 
Mrs Karen Yeo
Miss Sim Yu Xian
Mdm Sharifah Zaleha
Mdm He Qiuyan
The purpose of our CCA is to engage and train pupils in the sport of Wushu to build their core strength, agility and mastery of the skill.  For this, weekly training is conducted for our members.   For those who show more interest and flair in the sport, further training is provided during school team practices.  These pupils perform for the school on special occasions and represent us in competitions. 
To build up pupils’ health, confidence and self-discipline through the sport of Wushu. 
 1)    Yo Yu Ying (P4 Confidence)
 –        Sportsmanship Award
 2)    Jayden Choo (P5 Excellence)
 -         4th place in Junior Boys 5-Duan Changquan
 -         Sportsmanship Award 
 3)    Tan Mei Yu (P6 Aspiration)
 -         3rd place in Senior Girls 4-Duan Sword 
 4)    Ron Ng (P6 Diligence)
 -         2nd place in Senior Boys Broadsword
 -         2nd place in Senior Boys Cudgel
 -         4th place in Senior Boys Changquan
 -         Sportsmanship Award 
 5)    Tiffanie Hew (P6 Diligence)
 -         1st place in Senior Girls  4-Duan Spear
 -         2nd place in Senior Girls Sword
 -         4th place in Senior Girls Changquan Sportsmanship Award