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Teachers in-charge: 
Mdm Hasnita Surani 
Mdm Winnie Lim 
Ms Zahidah Ahmad

A holistic CCA that allows Brownies to grow up as an all-rounder individuals and have fun at the same time! Enjoyable activities that involve indoor and outdoor provide Brownies challenge to do their best. Brownies become a family as the girls learn positive communication skills through performing as team members or individuals. Brownies gain experience and exposure as the girls participate in activities and events that are conducted throughout the year. 

Fun and friendship are powerful. Be a Brownie now!
A Brownie promises to 
to do her best, 
to do her duty to God,
to serve her country,
And to help other people, and to
keep the Brownie Law.


Puan Noor Aishah Award - Gold (2015, 2014, 2013 and 2012)

Chief Commisioner's Award - Christina Thong Kai Ling 6E

East Division Brownie Revel 2016 - Scarf Design Competition (3rd)

East Division Brownie Revel 2016- Happiness Superhero Competition (3rd)

East Division Day 2016 - 'Teleportation' Telematch (3rd)

East Division Day 2016 - Painting competition 'Visions of the Future' (2nd)

East Division Day 2016 - Dessert Making Competition 'Power Crunch' (3rd)

East Division Day 2016 - Performance competition 'Girls Got Talent' (3rd)