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Teachers in-charge: 
Mr Luo Youde Bryon 
Ms Charmaine Lim 
Mr Ng Fu Tian Benny 
Mr Chan Ng Poh Huat Paul


We believe strongly that all cub scouts are unique individuals with different aptitudes, capabilities and talents. As such, we embark on the Cub Scout Programme to allow cub scouts to realise their individual potential. 
During the meetings, scouting activities based on either the progress badges or proficiency badges are conducted. Cub scouts are also encouraged to take part in activities pertaining to the proficiency badges on their own. This would allow them to hone their self-directed learning skills based on their interests. 
Camps are also conducted during school holidays. The activities allow pupils to experience a variety of outdoor activities, to develop resilience, robustness and ruggedness and to allow them to build better rapport with their peers and teachers.


To help our cub scouts to develop holistically as individuals and as members of society, guiding them to contribute to the development of a better world.


Frank Cooper Sands Award 2014- Silver
Frank Cooper Sands Award 2015- Silver