School Calendar



1. Mdm Neo Li Hoon

2. Mdm Mastura Mohamed

3. Mdm Sim Bee Kim

4. Mdm Hajar Bibi Bite Abdul Rashid

CCA Leaders: 

Leader : Lee Siang Yu (P5B)

Assistant Leader : Teo Qi Fang, Cherish (P5B)

Description : 

As a performing arts group, the Chongzheng Angklung Ensemble aims to cultivate students’ appreciation for ethnic arts of our region. The nature of angklung music is ensemble based, thus students learn to be a good team-player to make music for others to appreciate.

An angklung ensemble does not only make up of angklung instruments. Students learn to play a variety of instruments such as kulintang, marimba, ethnic drums and percussion. Through learning to play these musical instruments, students develop their musical skills such as reading musical notes, keeping in sync and expressing the meaning of the musical piece.  They also develop 21st century competencies through their lessons, training and performances to an audience.  Leadership skill is nurtured through peer coaching. Our ensemble also constantly displays the Chongzheng values of passion for learning, confidence in ourselves and zest for life.

Achievements for the past 3 years : 

2019 : NA

2018 : Achieved Certificate of Accomplishment for SYF 2018

2017 : NA

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