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Talent Development (InnoKidz Programme)

Students in Primary three to six, who have a great passion to champion innovation and high level of commitment to create innovative products and services to serve the community, are further trained in in-depth innovation and entrepreneurial skills through our InnoKidz Programme. These young drivers of innovation amongst their peers are also known as our Chongzheng Innokidz.

Super Juniors
New members join the InnoKidz Programme as Super Juniors when they are in primary three. They then take part in an entrepreneurship programme, aimed at imparting basic entrepreneurship and marketing skills. At the end of their training, they will plan and organise their very own online InnoSales, where they will promote, package and sell products to their peers. Selected students are invited to make purchases with in-house credits and will get to keep their purchases after. Our super juniors will also get to experience to reflect on the successes and areas of improvement for their InnoSales.

After a year in our InnoKidz Programme, our members will be promoted to the Junior role in primary four. Here they will take part in a basic innovation programme, which aims to take them through the initial stages of the design thinking approach. Our Juniors are introduced to a group of the community that they will innovate for and are taken through the process of empathizing and understanding the challenges that they face and brainstorming possible solutions that they can utilise.

In primary five, our InnoKidz will be promoted to the Senior role. As seniors, they will follow through with their innovative ideas in primary four, through the Innovation Programme (IvP) by MOE gifted education branch. They get further inputs and guidance from innovation mentors from local polytechnics on their project ideas and will work with their team mates to make further improvements to their ideas and take them through to the prototyping stage; creating a functional prototype for testing by selected members of the community. 

In the fourth year of the InnoKidz Programme, our InnoKidz will be promoted to the Mentor role. As mentors, they will take part in a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) based programme. This is aimed to equipped them with the STEM knowledge and skills to lead their peers in their primary six project work to innovate for their school community. Innovative products and ideas will be shared to the school population via an online showcase. 

Future Problem Solving Programme Singapore - Community Problem Solving (FPSPS – CmPS)

Through their journey in the InnoKidz programme, some of our super juniors and mentors will be chosen to take part in the Future Problem Solving Programme Singapore, Community Problem Solving. Together, they form a team that will aim to address a prevailing issue within their immediate community. They do so by looking at areas of concerns within the community, identifying the underlying problem and formulating an action plan and campaign to address them. Our CmPS teams have tackled issues ranging from empathy, gratitude, grit and emotional resilience.

Build A Star in Me (2020 – 2021)

The STAR Team launched their project ‘Build A Star in Me’ in 2020 with the aim to educate young children with the mindset to practise empathy in order to build positive relationships with one another, leading to creating a better and more positive learning environment in school.

Project G.R.I.T (2019 – 2020)

The G.R.I.T. team launched Project G.R.I.T. in 2019 to teach children how to build a growth mindset, which is the belief that intelligence is not fixed, and by effort, one can achieve. They aimed to instill a growth mindset in children to they can be mentally resilient to overcome their challenges.

The H.E.R.O. Team (2018 – 2019)

The H.E.R.O campaign aims to encourage children aged 7 to 12 to build emotional resilience, so as to help them overcome life challenges. In recent years, there have been increasing number of children suffering from stress and anxiety, leading to depression, self-harm and suicide for the more severe cases. The H.E.R.O wish to shed light on the importance of resilience to overcome these issues, as well as to introduce their resilience ANR strategy to help children to find a simple yet practical way to develop a positive resilient mindset.

Our Kampung Kindness – Grampathy (2016 – 2018)

The Our Kampung Kindness (OKK) team, aimed to educate children to practise empathy through perspective taking i.e. ‘putting yourselves in others’ shoes. After achieving this, the evolved their project into the OKK – Grampathy team, where they took the next step to educate children to in-turn show gratitude for services and acts of kindness rendered to them, through their approach of ‘Feel-it’, ‘Live-it’ and ‘Show-it’. They aimed to address the challenge of ingratitude present in the younger generation and hoped to create a more inclusive and empathetic community that is able to show gratitude, meaningfully.