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Learning for Life Programme (LLP)

The LLP Student Leadership programme in Chongzheng aims to :

- provide opportunities for our students to acquire leadership and effective communication skills, and

- groom Student Leaders who contribute to the school community and beyond

Student Leadership Framework.png

The Heart of the Framework is the ‘Starfish’- something which resonates with every student, the Starfish story inspires all to create positive impact by doing good to others.

With the 3 Es (Experience, Engage and Empower) approach, and guided by ‘Self’, ‘Team’ and ‘Thought’ Leadership, we hope to develop our Student Leaders into beautiful “butterflies”, with a heart to give and a mind to grow, anchored in our CZPS values and embodying the leadership qualities of being responsible, resilient, humble, empathetic and curious.

Chongzheng Student Leadership 3-tiered Structure

Class Leaders:

The basis of the student leadership structure is that everyone is a leader. Every student in Chongzheng is given the opportunity (experience) to take on a leadership role in the classroom. The class leadership roles are:

1. Class Monitor

2. Class Marshal

3. Green Leader

4. Cyber wellness Ambassador

5. CCE Leader

6. Math Leader

7. Reading Ambassador

8. Science Leader

9. PE Champion

10. Art Leader

11. Music Leader

12. Group Leader

Class Leaders play an important part in assisting teachers to manage the class and in carrying out duties pertaining to their respective roles. They undergo Class Leaders Induction sessions where their roles and responsibilities as well as the expectations of being a leader are clearly made known. The Class Leaders Booster session conducted in Term 3 also helps them to understand and enhance their leadership roles better.

Prefects & CCA Leaders:

Students identified to have good leadership potential are given the opportunity to take on the role of prefects / CCA leaders. These group of leaders will be engaged to undergo Leadership Training worshops in order to better equip them with more leadership skills and competencies to fulfil their potential as they take on greater responsibilities in serving the school community and beyond.

Student Leaders Council:

Selected groups of prefects and CCA Leaders will be part of the Student Leaders Council. The Student Leaders Council is empowered to play a greater role in planning and running of school events and/or special projects.  These group of student leaders will be involved in the Focus Group Discussion (FGD) at the end of the academic year. They are also part of the school’s talent development programme where their leadership potential will be further honed and stretched.

Student Leadership Events and Activities for 2021:

Class Leaders Induction sessions

- Prefects E-Investiture

- Leadership Training workshop (Part 1)

- EAS Appreciation Day

- CCA Leaders E-Investiture

- Class Leaders Booster session

- Service Learning Project

- Teachers’ Day

- Leadership Training workshop (Part 2)

- Student Leaders Appreciation Day

- CCA Fiesta!