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Aesthetics Department Direction

The aim of the Aesthetics Department is to provide a vibrant arts environment for pupils to develop creativity and a deeper appreciation of the Arts through meaningful integration, thus be socially and environmentally conscious individuals.

Aesthetics Department Programmes



P1: IT Music & Keyboard Programme
P2: IT Music & Keyboard Programme
P3: Funk Jazz Dance, Cello Exposure & Recorder Playing
P4: IT Music 4 Movies & Recorder Playing
P5: Ukelele Exposure & Recorder Playing
P6: Recorder Playing & Music Score Reading
All: Progressive Note Reading skills,  Music appreciation, Integration of Music in NE, Art & Environmental Awareness


Visual Arts

P1: Digital Art on MS Paint
P2: Digital Art on MS PowerPoint
P3: Digital Art on SumoPaint & Art Pass programme
P4: Digital Art on Photoshop (Poster Making) & Clay Art
P5: Digital Art on Flash MX 2004 (Animation) & Batik Art
P6: Digital Art on Photoshop (Andy Warhol Art)
All: Progressive art skills, Art Appreciation, Integration of Art in NE, Music, HE & Environmental Awareness

Useful Information

Items for Honours Day

Score Sheet:

Stand By Me1

Stand By Me2

The Journey1

The Journey2

Glowing Inside transposed 


Stand By Me

The Jouney

Glowing Inside



Stand By Me

The Journey and Glowing Inside