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Character and Citizenship Education

“… nurture Singapore citizens of good character so that everyone has the moral resolve to withstand an uncertain future and a strong sense of responsibility to contribute to the success of Singapore and the well-being of fellow Singaporeans.” --- Minister Heng Swee Keat

Chongzheng Primary School’s vision of “An Innovative Thinker, A Gracious Leader, An Engaged Citizen” is in line with our belief that Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) is key in developing holistically-educated pupils.

 Our CCE Vision

To develop responsible and discerning citizens.

 Our Tagline – “Make the Right Choice, Do the Right Thing”

The rationale behind this tagline is based on Dr Thomas Lickona’s book called “Character Matters: How to Help Our Children Develop Good Judgement, Integrity and Other Essential Virtues”. Dr Lickona is a leading authority and researcher on moral development and education, who is also known widely as “Father of Character Education” in US.

 In this book, Dr Lickona states that ‘The shaping of one’s character is in YOUR own hands’.

--- Nobody can build your character for you. Parents and Teachers can’t build your character. They can teach you right from wrong, provide a good example, set and enforce rules, and encourage you to be the best person you can be. But they can’t reach inside you and build your character. Character building is an ‘inside’ job. It’s a personal responsibility, one that lasts a lifetime. Everybody’s character, yours and mine, is a work in progress.

According to him, ‘we create our character by the choices we make’ and ‘good choices create good habits and good characters’ and ‘bad choices create bad habits and bad characters’. In Chongzheng, we want to develop our pupils to make the right choices in life. We believe that strong collaboration between parents and school to help our children make the right choices will build strong foundations in character development that will prepare them for a productive and fulfilling life ahead. 

                                                          Good actions + Good Choices = Good Consequences

Bad Actions + Bad Choices = Bad Consequences

Our CCE pupil-centred programmes are designed with the CZ Experience “Know It”, “Feel It’ and “Live It” in mind and guided by the 5Ps (Purpose, Pupil, Partnership, Professional Development, Holistic ExPerience) of CCE. 

The 5 arms of CCE in Chongzheng include :