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National Education/Social Studies

In CZ, we believe that instilling active citizenry in our pupils is important as part of CCE. With increasing globalization, challenges are inevitable.  As we face the next lap in nation building, active citizenry plays a part in maintaining our pride and love for the country. How can your child/ward be an active citizen here in Chongzheng Primary School? 

a)    Being an active participant in our National Education events such as Racial Harmony Day, National Day and our cultural celebrations.

b)    Reflect on what they have learnt.

c)    Being aware of global issues and current affairs. 

Our tagline is ABC. What is ABC?

Appreciate - our country, its history and the peace and harmony that we enjoy.

Build Bonds – make friends with people of the same race or of other races and nationalities.

Contribute – share your experiences and stories with your fellow schoolmates.

 ROOTS Corner

Our ROOTS corner is our National Heritage Gallery. We named our Gallery ROOTS because pupils must understand and know their cultural origins. ROOTS provide a chance for our pupils to Appreciate our unique Singaporean identity, Bond with their fellow schoolmates through Kampong Games, Contribute and share their experiences. We revived some of the Kampong Games such as games like ‘Yeh-Yeh’,  ‘Congkak’, ‘Five stones’, ‘pick-up sticks’ and card games such as ‘SNAP’, ‘OLD MAID’ etcs.

 National Commemorative Days

Celebrating NE days and cultural celebrations enable our pupils to learn about our country and our multi-cultural origins. 

They will also learn and manifest the values that have enabled us to succeed as a country – the importance of unity and cohesion and racial harmony.