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Pupil Development

Our Character Development programme aims to develop our pupils who embody:

Confidence In Ourselves

Zest for Life

Passion for Learning

Service to Community

Confidence In Ourselves

A Confident CZ student

a)     possesses self-awareness

b)     is motivated and exercises self-discipline

c)     displays integrity

d)     demonstrates strong goal-setting and self-management skills

Zest for Life

A CZ student who has a Zest for Life

a)     establishes healthy and rewarding relationships

b)     recognises and appreciates diversity

c)     empathises with and respects others

d)     faces challenges with courage and commitment 

Passion for Learning

A CZ student who is passionate about learning

a)     possesses courage to ask questions

b)     thinks critically and makes sound decisions

c)     communicates ideas clearly and effectively

d)     has a desire to learn, explore and think out of the box.

Service to Community

A CZ student who contributes to community

a)     is compassionate

b)     works with others to resolve issues 

ALIVE – A Leader In Values Education card programme

In Chongzheng, we believe that habits and values inculcation must start from young. We want our students to be instilled with values and habits so we started the ALIVE card programme since 2006. ALIVE stands for A Leader In Values Education.



The guiding principle behind this card is ‘CATCH THEM GOOD’. This yellow card that pupils keep with them dutifully in their lanyard or wallet seeks to provide recognition to pupils who have exhibited the desired value and behaviour and to promote personal effectiveness. This is a form of positive reinforcement to encourage pupils to instil in themselves the right set of values. Positive actions, no matter how small, are acknowledged by staff because we hope these actions will develop into habits which will be imbued as part of their character and citizenship education. 

Home ALIVE card
We have even extended this programme to home where parents can also make use of this card to acknowledge their children at home. 
Parents, you can acknowledge your child’s great behaviour by just signing on the card.
Once the card is completed, you can ask for a new card at the ROOTS corner every Wednesday.