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Pupil Development

Our Character Development programme aims to develop our pupils who embody:

Confidence In Ourselves

Zest for Life

Passion for Learning

Service to Community

Confidence In Ourselves

A Confident CZ student

a)     possesses self-awareness

b)     is motivated and exercises self-discipline

c)     displays integrity

d)     demonstrates strong goal-setting and self-management skills

Zest for Life

A CZ student who has a Zest for Life

a)     establishes healthy and rewarding relationships

b)     recognises and appreciates diversity

c)     empathises with and respects others

d)     faces challenges with courage and commitment 

Passion for Learning

A CZ student who is passionate about learning

a)     possesses courage to ask questions

b)     thinks critically and makes sound decisions

c)     communicates ideas clearly and effectively

d)     has a desire to learn, explore and think out of the box.

Service to Community

A CZ student who contributes to community

a)     is compassionate

b)     works with others to resolve issues