School Calendar

Student Leadership


Student Leadership in Chongzheng aims to provide opportunities for our pupils to acquire leadership skills, develop leadership qualities and put them into practice.

This is to realise our vision for each pupil as a Gracious Leader and to stay true to our mission to nurture the leader in everyone with a heart to give and a mind to grow. We are guided by the belief that Everyone is a Leader.

Leadership Qualities:

·         Respectful

·         Responsible

·         Resilient

·         Compassionate

Our 3-tier Student Leadership Structure:


Key Leadership Training and Events:

·         Class Leaders’ Induction

·         Class Leaders’ Booster Session

·         CCA Leaders’ Induction

·         School Student Leaders’ Induction

·         School Student Leaders’ Training

·         School Student Leaders’ Investiture

·         Election Campaign

·         P6 School Student Leaders’ Appreciation Ceremony