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English Department Direction

To develop pupils who are avid readers, competent writers and confident speakers.

English Department Programmes

Lower Primary

1. Learning Support Programme
For P1 and P2 pupils who need the helping hands in enhancing their literacy skills. This programme is led by our competent Learning Support Co-ordinators, Mdm Quek Lew Cheng and Mdm Kwan Shiow Yan. Mdm Quek Lew Cheng also serves as a mentor to Learning Support Co-ordinators from other schools. Our discharge rate for this programme has been above National Average for the past few years. 

2. Customization Literacy Programme
For P1 and P2 pupils who are not in the LSP but they need literacy support. This programme is customized to enhance their reading ages. At the end of this programme, pupils’ reading ages are above their chronological ages. 

At P3 and P4, this programme serves as a bridging programme for pupils who have been discharged from LSP. It helps to further strengthen the literacy foundation of our ex-LSP pupils. 

Besides that the lower primary pupils are exposed to the following programmes: 
- iRead (a reading programme) 

Upper Primary

1. Podcasting
The programme taps ICT tools in engaging today’s IT savvy generation. Pupils use mp3 players to record their reading.  They then blog their reading by using an elearning portal. Peers and teachers provide feedback through pupils’ blogs. Based on this feedback, pupils improve their reading, before teachers give their final scores. 

2. Literature Programme
The programme is an approach to integrate reading, reading comprehension and writing.  Selected Primary 4 to Primary 6 pupils are exposed to this programme. Teachers discuss plots, conflicts and author’s writing styles to sharpen pupils’ thinking skills. 

Besides that, the upper primary pupils are also exposed to the following programme: 
- iRead (reading programme) 


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