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ICT Vision

An ICT Savvy School where everyone actively harnesses ICT to enhance performance and engage in learning.

ICT Goals

  1. Enhance Teaching & Learning.
  2. Involve pupils in ICT activities that promote higher order thinking, collaboration and self-directed learning through Curating digital content, Connecting & Communicating digitally and Creating digital multimodal products.
  3. Equip pupils with the skills to utilise technology and the knowledge to do so ethically and safely.
  4. Build capacity of staff in the effective use of ICT tools for the realisation of the school’s Strategic Thrusts.
  5. Enhance operational & administrative effectiveness and efficiency.
ICT Department Programme

A structured programme is in place to enable pupils to acquire a minimum level of ICT skills at each level from P1 to P6. Starting with keyboarding & word processing skills at P1 to advanced PowerPoint, digital art & video editing at upper primary. Basic coding is also learnt by the P3 students through a droning programme workshop.

Enrichment courses beyond the norm for the respective levels are also conducted during the holidays or at the arrangement of the form teachers.

Pupils' use of ICT is also integrated into their daily work. For example typing compositions, presentations, creating works of art and posters.

ICT is integrated into the various subjects' Schemes of Work and used in lessons to better engage students, enhance their learning experiences and develop 21st Century Competencies.

Cyberwellness is integrated into the ICT and FTGP curriculum to enable pupils to be safe and responsible users of technology.

Media Resource Library (MRL)

Our MRL is a haven where pupils can retreat to read, listen to stories or do work in air-conditioned comfort. It is run by our pupils, parents, library assistant & teacher-librarians.

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday : 9am - 4pm

Closed for lunch : 1.15pm - 1.45pm except Thursday: 12.45pm -1.15pm 

Useful Information

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