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Mathematics Department Vision

Students to be innovative problem-solvers and so to apply Mathematics in real life situations
Mathematics Department Programmes

Learning experiences through Activity-Based Learning (ABL)

Students learn Mathematics in meaningful ways by using manipulatives and working with their peers. Through these activities, students construct their mathematical meaning through collaborative learning. When learning is meaningful, students are engaged and want to learn more. 




STAR approach in problem solving

In the solving of word problems, we advocate the acronym of STAR to enable students to systematically search for clues in the word problems and to apply the appropriate plan to solve them.
Study the problem
Think of a plan
Act out the plan
Rethink the problem


Math Games @ Recess

This recess programme give students opportunities to get together to construct 3 dimensional figures, play with tangrams and practise their numeracy skills using iPads. This programme is manned by our parent volunteers and our Math Monitors.



Math Wars

All primary 2 to 5 students will get a Math Wars booklet for recitation and practice of multiplication, division or conversion questions. A competitive element is introduced as students will be selected to represent their class for the fastest and most accurate factual recall of these topics.


Talent Management

Mathematics Olympiad Training is provided for primary 5 and 6 high progress students to develop higher order thinking skills through advanced Math problem solving.

Learning Support in Mathematics (LSM)

Learning Support for Mathematics (LSM) is an early intervention programme started by MOE for primary 1 and 2 students who lack foundational numeracy skills. A trained LSM teacher will provide daily teaching to these students in a small group setting to assist them to master their numeracy skills.

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