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Mother Tongue Language Department

Mother Tongue Language Department


Vision statement: Nurturing passionate learners and competent users of MTL languages

 MTL Department of Chongzheng Primary School

With the Schools’ Vision and Mission underpinning our approaches to student-focused processes, the Mother Tongue Language (MTL) departments of Chongzheng Primary School ensures that our pupils are exposed to various modes of learning that aim to engage their minds and their hearts.

Common Programmes/Activities by Mother Tongue Language Department

1. MTL Fortnight & Cultural Camp

Since 2011, we have been organizing MTL Fortnights and Language & Cultural Camps yearly. The objectives are:

  • To promote MTL as a living language;
  • To create platforms for interaction using MTL;
  • To extend learning outside class/beyond school;
  • To increase interest and motivation to learn.

Throughout the 2 weeks, our pupils are engaged with a series of activities that expose them to the usage of their Mother Language in a fun manner. For the Chinese Language department, activates arranged for pupils include celebrating Chinese New Year, clay making (泥塑), Chinese Finger Painting (指画), Tea-appreciation activity, Read @ Recess by Principal and English medium teachers in their own Mother Tongue Language. For the Malay Language department, pupils are engaged in quizzes and a race conducted in Malay Language while for the Tamil Language department, pupils are engaged on Murukku making (Murukku Tasting), Agal Vilakku Painting and various Learning Journeys.

Badges, tokens and other prizes are awarded to pupils who participate actively in these activities. Pupils are immersed in their respective Mother Tongue Language with great excitement.

2. Happy Recess @Happy Ocean

To extend the learning of Mother Tongue Languages beyond classroom, “Happy Ocean” was set up in the school in 2017. In this cozy area, pupils have the opportunity to interact with their peers using their Mother Tongue Languages through fun activities during recess. Under the supervision and guidance of our PaVE members and selected Mother Tongue Language student-leaders, pupils play various language games like Boggle, Word Dominoes and Chinese Chess.

3. Infusing of Innovation Thinking Tools into the learning of Mother Tongue Language. With the objective of nurturing innovation and creativity in our pupils, we infused Thinking Protocols into our daily teaching as well as Formative Assessment. Brainstorming, Sticker-dot Matrix, PMI, Scamper & Six-thinking Hats are tools chosen for our pupils to carry out during their group discussion.