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Chinese Department Direction

With the School’s vision and mission underpinning our approach to student-focused processes, we
  1. Design Teaching & Learning programmes that are aligned to the principles that anchor the New CL curriculum
  2. Ensures that pupils are exposed to experiential learning that engages their mind and their heart
  3. Develop pupils to be avid readers, competent writers and confident speaker
Chinese Department Programmes
Programmes by Chinese Language Department

  1. Let’s Read Programme
    Let’s Read Programme (LRP) is a school-based curriculum aimed at promoting a reading culture through structured curriculum reading periods, on top of the morning reading every Thursday. Under LRP, P1-6 pupils read a total of 48 age-appropriate Readers throughout their 6 years in Chongzheng Primary School. Curriculum time is set aside for CL teachers to guide pupils in the reading and appreciation of each story. After each reading, pupils will be engaged with activities like role play, storyline rearrangement, poster making, purple sugar cane planting that aim to deepen their learning. Through this programme, oracy skill and meta cognition of our pupils, as well as their love of the Chinese Language will also be developed.

  1. Cultural Performance Exposure Scheme (CPES)
    As one of the initiatives by the Committee to promote Chinese Language Learning (CPCLL), the Cultural Performance Exposure Scheme (CPES) aims to expose pupils to Chinese Language related cultural performance by local and foreign performing art groups. With the funding and support in 2018, we arranged for the P3 to watch a Chinese Drama, Journey to the West-Zhu Ba Jie’s Wedding Proposal by Arts Theatre of Singapore, and P6 pupils to watch a Cross Talk put up by Xing Feng Xiangsheng Society.

  1. Learning Support Programme, focusing on Word Recognition and Retention
    We are committed to bring out the unique potential of every pupil through curriculum differentiation. Thus, we customize our programme according to the needs and ability of our pupils. With the realisation that word recognition and retention form an integral part of the learning of Chinese Language, we run a support programme for selected P1, P2 and P4 pupils, supporting them in word recognition and retention. The Reading Buddy programme engaged pupils in revising the Chinese Characters learnt in class through board games and flash cards etc.

  1. Enrichment Programme: Speech & Drama for P1&2
    In our effort to develop language skills and provide opportunities for creative and aesthetic development in our young learner, P1&2 pupils participated in a vendor conducted Speech & Drama course. During the course, pupils are engaged in activities that aim to build up their language skills that enable them to communicate clearly, expressively and effectively. At the end of the course, the pupils will showcase their learning by putting up a performance in the school.

  2. Learning Journey With the aim of providing pupils with the opportunity of gaining a better understanding of the Chinese Culture beyond the confines of the conventional classrooms, the department has been organising cultural immersion Learning Journeys to China/Taiwan. Places we visited include Shandong, Suzhou, Shanghai and Taopei. Every year, 20 selected P5 pupils will be given the opportunity to participate in this Learning Journey. During the trip, pupils will attend lessons with their buddy in China/Taiwan, participate in the outdoor activities planned by our partner-schools, as well as visit the places of interests.