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Malay Department Direction

To develop an avid reader, a competent writer and a confident speaker.

Design Teaching and Learning programmes that are aligned to the new ML syllabus that will enable pupils to:
  1. listen and understand the Malay Language in formal and informal situations
  2. communicate effectively and write competently using 'bahasa baku'
  3. read text of different genres, both in print and non-print materials
  4. write essays of different topics, for varied audiences and situations
  5. think critically and creatively
  6. know and understand the Malay culture and values
  7. be avid readers so that they embrace the culture of life long learning
    • contribute towards the achievements of the school's vision, mission,values and strategic thrusts
    • facilitate staff engagement in professional development that will enable them to contribute at a higher level towards refining current practices through action research
Malay Department Programmes

Term 1

  1. Commencement of Extensive Reading Programme.
  2. Commencement of CCM Programme-Conversation Mandarin/Malay (P3 and P4)
  3. Parents’ Workshop
  4. Meet Parent Session

Term 2

  1.  Mother Tongue Language (MTL) Fortnight
  2. Reading Fiesta (P1-P3) in conjunction with MTL Fortnight
  3. Cultural Camp (P4)
  4. Learning Journeys (P3 - P6)

Term 3

  1. Hari Raya cum Racial Harmony Day celebration


Jejak Kembara                                                             Membaca Bersama
Minggu Bahasa Ibunda                                           Minggu Bahasa Ibunda

Membaca Bersama                                                    Pesta Membaca
Minggu Bahasa Ibunda                                               Minggu Bahasa Ibunda

Jejak Kembara                                                             Jejak Kembara
Minggu Bahasa Ibunda                                              Minggu Bahasa Ibunda
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