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Tamil Department Direction

With the School’s vision and mission underpinning our approach to student-focused processes, we
  1. Design Teaching & Learning programmes that are aligned to the principles that anchor the TL curriculum
  2. Ensure that pupils are exposed to experiential learning that engages their mind and their heart
  3. Develop pupils to be avid readers, competent writers and confident speaker 
Tamil Department STRUCTURE

Members of Department

Ms Krishna Veni Rajendran (TL Coordinator)

Ms Rekha Rajendran

Mdm Jasmina Parvin

Tamil Department Programme

Term 1

  1. Commencement of CCM Programme-Conversation Mandarin/Malay (P3 and P4) 
  2. Commencement of Reading Mum Programme for selected P2 pupils
  3. Mother Tongue Recess Activity in Happy Ocean

Term 2

  1. Commencement of Reading Mum Programme for selected P1 and P2 pupils
  2. Tamil Morning Reading Programme
  3. Mother Tongue Recess Activity in Happy Ocean

Term 3

  1. Cultural Camp (P4)
  2. Mother Tongue Language (MTL) Fortnight Activities
  3. Inter-class Language competitions (P1-P6) 
  4. Commencement of P1 & P2 Speech and Drama
  5. Mother Tongue Recess Activity in Happy Ocean

 Term 4

  1. Continuation of P1 & P2 Speech and Drama
  2. Deepavali Celebrations 

MTL Fortnight Activities

P1 – Show &Tell (Favourite Cartoon Character)

P1 Show and Tell.jpg

P2 – Role Play of Famous Persons

P2 Role Play of Famous Persons.jpg
P2 Role Play of Famous Persons (2).jpg

 P2 Role Play of Famous Persons (3).jpg 

 P3 – Story Telling using Puppets 
P3 Story Telling.jpg
P4 - Word Scrabble
P4 Word Scrabble.jpg
 P4 Word Scrabble (2).jpg

P5 - Language Games
 P5 Language Games.jpg
P6 - Language Games
P6 Language Games.jpg

Read @ Recess
The Primary Four and Five pupils read their favourite stories to the Primary One and Two pupils, during 
their respective recesses.

Tamil Language Games played by pupils at the MTL Activity Corner

Reading Fiesta was held on 11 July 2017
Parents came to read Tamil stories to their children. Pupils participated in Role play activity where they 
took on roles of their favourite story book characters.

Tamil Language Booth: 
 1.   Henna Art and Kolam 
 2.   Agal Lamp Painting and Murukku Making 
Booth was set up for pupils to experience Henna art painting  and Kolam drawings. 
They also created colourful Rangoli patterns.

P4 Cultural Camp
The Tamil Language Department organized a MTL Fortnight Cultural Camp for the Primary 4 pupils every year. The theme for this year’s cultural camp is Traditional Indian Games. Our pupils were exposed to two Ancient Traditional Indian games, namely Kabaddi and Aadu Puli Aatham. 

Pupils are playing and Aadu Puli Aatham, a game that involves strategic move and intense planning.

Here, pupils are playing kabaddi. Two teams compete, each occupying its own half of the court. They take turns sending a "raider" into the opposing team's court and will only earn points if the raider manages to touch opposing team members and return to the home ground. They have to do this while pronouncing Kabaddi kabadi continuously in a single breath. However, if the raider is tackled and prevented from returning, the opposing team gets the point.

Learning Journey: P5 & P6 Learning Journey to the Our Tampines Hub 
The Tamil Language Department planned a learning journey to Our Tampines Hub, where the pupils will be watching a play entitled ‘Nool’. The play is based on our very own Singapore folklore, presented as an emotive autobiography of a cotton thread wherein history and imagination are woven as one. Pupils will also have the chance to experience the Tamil Marabu songs, traditional Indian Parai Attam and art installation.

Learning Journey: P5 & P6 Learning Journey in 2017 
The Tamil Language Department has planned a Learning Journey where pupils will have the opportunity to find out more about Singapore’s maritime beginnings and discover how Singapore has transformed into one of the world’s leading International maritime centres. They will also have the chance to explore the importance of sea in our lives, through story-driven missions and various interactive activities.

P5 Spice Trail to Fort Canning Park and the Gokul Restaurant 
Pupils were brought to a spice garden that houses over 100 species of spice. A fun-filled race was conducted in the garden where the they  will uncover little-known history and legends behind herbs and spices. Following that, they were brought to an Indian restaurant to taste spicy Indian food.

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