School Calendar

Art Department

Art Teachers:

Mdm Norisah (Senior Teacher- Art)
Mdm Hasnita
Mdm Goh Swee Eem

The aims of art education in Singapore schools are to enable every child to enjoy art, communicate visually, and make meaning through connecting with society and culture.

The CZPS Art department aims to develop students’ confidence and skills to express themselves in varied modes by creating maximum participation for all. It also encourages imagination and cultivates in students the capacity to innovate and improvise. Platforms such as internal and external competitions are provided to every child to showcase and nurture their talents.

CZPS Art Dept events/programme

P1: Digital Art on MS Paint
P2: Digital Art on MS PowerPoint
P3: Digital Art on Powerpoint, Print making & Art Pass programme
P4: Digital Art on Photoshop (Poster Making), & Metal Tooling
P5: Digital Art on Photoshop, Photography & Clay Making
P6: Digital Art on Photoshop, Photography & Silk Screen Printing

All: Progressive art skills, Art Appreciation, Integration of Art in NE, Music, HE & Environmental Awareness