School Calendar

Music Department

Music Teachers:

Ms Lee Mong Lan (Music Coordinator)
Ms Rachel Tan Lay Ming
Mr Chu Hin Wa

The aim of Music Education is to provide every child a basic music education, giving them opportunities to develop a connection to music. This contributes to the future development and preservation of Singapore’s cultural heritage. Music, being an integral part of many cultures, also provides a means to raise global awareness amongst students. The processes involved in music performing and creating develop skills such as listening skills, fine motor skills, creative thinking skills and social skills.

Music department events/programme:

  • P1 Roller Keyboard programme
  • P3 and P4 recorder playing
  • P5 and P6 Ukulele programme
  • PAMFest!
  • Recess Concerts
  • P1 and P2 Dance Mania competition
  • P3 Tambourine Dance Mania competition
  • CZ Superstar singing competition
  • Assemble programmes
  • Mass performances during commemorative days e.g. Chinese New Year celebration, National Day celebration,Racial Harmony Day celebration, Total Defence Day celebration, International Friendship Day celebration
  • Honours Day Concert