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Green Programme

Green Programme Aim

To educate and nurture pupils into responsible Singapore citizens who care for the environment and passionate youths who are committed to reaching out to the community so as to pass on the love for the environment to the people around us.

Whole-school approach

Education through Integration into Curriculum

The heads of the different departments consciously integrate environmental topics into the curriculum.

Following are some of the activities carried out or for the various subjects:


  • Visit to the Zoo to learn about animals and their environment
  • Orchid Hybridisation Journey
  • Art and Music lessons teaching pupils to transform unwanted things into beautiful displays and musical instrument
  • Education through Recycling Programme
  • Education through CIP Programme
  • Education through other Assembly talks
  • Education through visit to other schools and external workshops
  • Reaching out to the community

Achievement Chongzheng Primary School is awarded the Green Audit Lotus Award (2nd year) this year by the Singapore Environment Council. To qualify for this award, a school would have to carry out the audit in the following year and prove that it had significantly improved its results. The school will also need to participate in nationwide environment related competitions and carry out community related environment projects.