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Family Matters @ School (Previously, School Family Education – SFE) is a programme by Ministry of Social and Family development (MSF, previously MCYS). MSF works closely with the schools to create a pro-family environment.

Since its inception in 2002, this programme has reached close to 2 million participants.

Family Matters @ Chongzheng Primary School

Chongzheng Primary School is a place where every Family Matters too!

We are making the family life education accessible to as many parents as possible, to help in fostering strong families. We strongly believe that the relationship between the parent and the child has a large impact on the child's academic achievements and positive attitudes/behaviour. Studies show that, this is true irrespective of the socio-economic status, ethnic/racial background or the educational level of the parents.

Objectives of the Programme

  •   Equip Parents with skills and knowledge to:
    • Strengthen and enrich their family life
    • Foster better parent-child understanding and help parents and pupils bridge the generation gap.
  • Equip Pupils with:
    •  Life skills 
    • Skills to build healthy relationship with peers and family   
    • Positive attitude towards life
Family Life Education Programmes in Chongzheng Primary School:

Some of our family life enrichment programmes for parents and families this year may include,

  • Coffee Talks conducted in association with the PaVE 
  • Family bonding activities 
  • Parenting Workshops in school
  • Seminars 
Chongzheng Primary School is also working with MSF in building a pool of trained Parent Facilitators who can facilitate Family Life Education (FLE) programmes in school.

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