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PaVE Policies

  • All members of PaVE must have children studying in Chongzheng Primary currently or whose children are alumni of Chongzheng.
  • Members are to work in joint partnership and help to keep the image of CZ flying high.
  • Members are to have an open mind and be receptive to feedback as well as respect differences.
  • Members to be mindful of the diverse social and cultural make up of our support group; respect these differences and work together towards achieving our goal of interaction between pupils, parents and school.
  • PaVE meetings will be held at least twice a year. Meetings should to be focused and not to be complaining sessions. Discussions should involve the benefit of all pupils. Matters pertaining to individuals must be taken off line.
  • In all voluntary service, full attention is to be given to the task at hand and the pupils involved.
  • As school is a professional institution, the Dress Code for Volunteers is to be strictly observed. Volunteers to be dressed in professional, smart casual or event specific clothes.
  • Volunteers are to display their pass (PaVE pass and Phase2B PaVE pass) at all times while carrying out their volunteer duties in the school premises.
  • Volunteers are to sign in the PaVE register at the security post upon entry to the school.
  • As there are limited parking spaces available in the school compound, volunteers are requested to park their vehicles in the nearby public car parks.
  • PaVE name and deeds are not be used outside the school and the PaVE Members are not allowed to use the “PaVE” and its name for any reason (personal, business or social).
  • All PaVE members are encouraged to contribute/help with at least one school activity during the year. 
  • All monies (if any) collected are strictly voluntary and proper records must be kept and presented at every meeting.