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I have been volunteering in school as a PaVE member since 2010, and this is a great way to show my children that I care about their well-being through active participation in school activities, together with them. Being more visible in school, I strongly believe this will encourage and support my children to have more self-confidence as they learn and grow. On a personal note, as I build relationships with teachers, fellow volunteers, and even other children, besides my own, I have learned a lot which gives me a whole new perspective about how to be a great parent.

 ~Rungjai Thanasing

For the past two years, I have been a PaVE and very proud to be one. I am happy that we, as PaVE get a chance to work closely with the school our children are in. At Chongzheng Primary, where some activity or other is always going on, there is something new to learn all the time. Apart from making a whole lot of new friends, I also get a sneak peek in my child’s school life. Last but not the least my child is very happy to see me volunteer in her school. This is in fact the most important, isn’t it?

~ Radhika Rangnekar

 When I asked the question “Why should I join PaVE?” to myself, I got this answer. ”Being a PaVE is an opportunity to grow with your child, as a parent and with the school community as a whole. In participating with its activities, you are able to show your support to your children and set a good example to them. It is your chance to work hand in hand with the school by supporting its activities for the benefit of your children. On top of it you gain friends you never know you will have. Joining PaVE is a journey. It is a once in a lifetime experience, to take part in your child’s life outside your home. You know that you are giving away something precious from you, because you cannot take it back and that is your ‘TIME’. Believe me, it is worth it”.

~Pia Pajarillo 

I have been a Parent Volunteer in Education (PaVE) since 2011 (Phase 2B PaVE) . When my son joined Primary 1 in 2013, I started participating more actively in PaVE events and activities.  I enjoy meeting like-minded parents in various events. By participating in the weekly activities and interest group, I got an opportunity to befriend parents from various ethnic backgrounds. We share a lot about our festivals, culture and food. Being a PaVE is certainly an enriching experience.  I also get a chance to  build stronger relationships with the children, parents and teachers.

~Nagarajan Srividhya

I have been a member of PaVE since my daughter entered Primary 1 in 2012. One of the reasons for me to join PaVE was actually to get a first-hand view of happenings in the school. In that way, I get to interact with my daughter in school and hence, see how she interacts with her peers. I signed up as a reading mom for LSP coming to school twice a week. I must say that it has been very fulfilling and I look forward to each session, every week.  It also gives me a chance to interact with other parents and find out more about each other. We made new friends and have become closer through the years. Thanks to PaVE.

~Sharifah, Parent of Aliyah.

 I have been in PaVE for 11 years. When we first started, there was only about 50 members or less. Most of the pioneers left after their kids have graduated. As for me, even though my 2 girls are already in Poly I still stay on because from these past few years I have gotten to know more people through all the activites and have made more friends and a few of them have become my bosom friends too. Besides I find that children in primary school are still as cute and innocent and it make me feel young just being with them through activities like Dance Mania, Art & Craft workshops etc. 

~Mrs. Elsie Liong 

I started volunteering in school, since 2009 in various events and programmes. But, I would like to highlight a programme which is close to my heart.” KidsREAD”.  I started volunteering for kidsREAD in 2012. It enables me fulfil my passion to work with children and make friends with other volunteers at the same time. It gives me a great satisfaction when I see the improvement the children have made and that they look forward to each of our story telling session. I gained beneficial information and understanding about children’s behaviours and development from shared experiences by fellow volunteers too.

~Miranda, Parent of Alex Liswandy and Karina Liswandy 

Being a CZPaVE member, I enjoy meeting up with other like-minded parents to help out in activities, such as P1 Orientation, Sports Day, Children’s Day and Teacher’s Day celebration. As a member, we have the opportunities to participate in various family bonding programmes, parenting workshops and interest groups sponsored by the school. Through these activities and programmes, we build stronger relationships with the children, parents and teachers. I feel that when I am more involved in the school, my children enjoy school more

~Jo Jo (Member since January 2008)