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What's PaVE?


The Parents Support Group (PSG) in Chongzheng Primary School was formed in 1999 with a group of 8 parent volunteers who assisted the school in the Primary 1 Buddy System and concert performances. Membership has since increased and so have the scope of activities parents are involved in.
In 2003, our PSG adopted the name PaVE – ‘Parent Volunteers in Education’ to better reflect its role in working hand in hand with the school in paving the way for our children to achieve their highest potential. An official logo was also adopted.

Objectives of the PaVE
As children need a warm and stable environment in which to cultivate sound moral values, intellectual and social skills and to realize their potential, the home and the school need to come together to build the best learning environment for them.
PaVE provides open channels of communication between home and school. It disseminates relevant information on school, programmes and activities to parents. PaVE also plans and carries out activities that will benefit pupils, staff and parents.

School-Home Partnership
Chongzheng Primary School is always striving to expand its partnership with parents because both parents and teachers have a great influence over our children’s character development during their primary schooling years. This partnership will ensure that our children are provided with adequate support and role modeling. While the teachers are the driving force in education, our support as parents play an invaluable part in the school’s activities to help shape the moral, social and academic performance of our children.
The strengthened co-operation between parents and school ultimately benefits our children as we are able to create a ‘home environment’ that encourages learning and involvement in the community.
Our involvement of helping in the various events and activities and caring for all children in our school because ‘Every Child Matters’ will become an inspiration to our pupils to also do their part for the school and community.
PaVE provides us with varied opportunities to share our services, expertise, knowledge and time with the school for the benefit of our children. If you are able to help out in any of these areas, you are most welcome to share it with the school or with our other parent volunteers. Come join us today if you are still not on board our PaVE group yet. We welcome parents to join us even if you can only make time for one activity in a school-year.
Let’s do our part in working together in harmony in shaping our children’s future so they will be well balanced, confident and concerned citizens who have a strong civic consciousness to care and live together with their fellow citizens in harmony.

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