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                      November 2017



             I am excited to share with you our first production
             of  Chongzheng’s  e-newsletter.  The  idea  was  first
             mooted  in  the  spirit  of  promoting  environment
             conservation and we are glad to have taken this first
             small move to do our part for the environment.
                                                                                  School leaders with
             2017 has been an eventful year for our school. We              CZ’s Student Leaders Exco team
             celebrated the start of the year with the opening of
             our  newly  built  facilities.  In  the  second  semester,
             we   opened  our  CZPS  Heritage   Gallery  which
             captured the journey of the school over the years.   A Farewell
             The  opening  was  indeed  a  memorable  moment
             came together  to celebrate  this place  where  fond  Message
             for  us  as  former  and  current  staff and  students
             memories  are  held  and  strong  bonds  are  built.  In
             her 32 years, Chongzheng has grown from strength   For  many  parents  wishing  to  enrol  their  young
             to strength  with the achievements  attained at the   ones  in  a  primary  school.  Chongzheng  has  been
             student,  staff and  organisational  levels.  I  hope   the  go-to  school,  relative  to  other  schools  in  the
             that  we  will  continue  to  do  our  best  and  fly the   neighbourhood. This can only be attributed to the
             Chongzheng’s flag even higher.                    quality of education that is provided at Chongzheng;
                                                               the curriculum rigour and the caring culture. For me,
             On  this  note,  I  would  like  to  share  that  Mr  Daljit   7 years have passed in the blink of an eye due to the
             Singh, our VP(A) who has been with the school for   close-knitted environment in the school where all
             the last 7 years will be leaving us to join Waterway   the stakeholders are taken care of, and I am thankful
             Primary  from  15  Dec  2017.  On  behalf  of  all  the   for that. Chongzheng has had many successes in the
             stakeholders,  I would  like  to thank him for  all his   past and as I bid farewell, I wish Chongzheng all the
             contributions  to  the  school  and  wish  him  all  the   success as it transitions into the next S curve.
             best in his new posting. We will certainly miss him.
                                                               Warm regards,
             Lastly,    would  like        of  you    happy
             and restful holiday!                              Mr Daljit Singh

                                                               Vice Principal
             Best regards,
             Ms Audrey Wong

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